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Who We Are

They say, plant a Malayalee anywhere and he will open a tea stall. Even if there are no tea drinkers around, like Russia, where we assume it is legally mandatory to only drink Vodka. Aside from our ridiculous assumptions about places like Russia, we did have other ideas, like – why not open the tea stall of the West in our very own, namma Kerala???

So two, young, dynamic (even if we do say so ourselves) entrepreneurs got together and decided to pool their tiny pockets and big hearts. Add to that an everlasting zest for food and all things food related (as evinced by our sizes of course), a smidgen of over confidence, a dollop of optimism and a gallon of ambition. Stir well, and voila, there you have it – the creation of our foodie venture – District 7, in honor of Kochi. Hail All Mighty Queen of the Arabian Sea, we have decided to prostrate ourselves at your tempting feet.

Our Mission

We are fun but not overly fancy,
We are faint on the pocket but all about flavor on the palate.
We are actually The Perfect, Frigging Date.

Our Vision

To quote J.C. “People who love to eat are always the best people.” No not Jesus Christ, but we bet even he would agree. After all, who dares argue with Julia Child, The Messiah of cooking? So, that’s our dream – rockin’ the live, street food scene and uber-cool fast food servicing kiosks spread throughout the great state of Kerala, cooking for and laughing with some of the best people in the world. Watch out for our funky, metal clunkers, our snazzy kiosks and stalls and major foodie adventures. But we shall always stay humble, our dearest friends. We promise forever and more to provide you with the bestest, goodiest products we can find in God’s own Country, the yummiest concoctions and mixes we can think of, peppered with broad smiles, interesting tidbits and the best damn service you can possibly dream up. And did we mention all this is served as a total VFM (Value for money) package, what with the inflation climbing like a Lady Gaga Gaga song and all; we will help you stretch those few bucks all the way through the next month and beyond.
So for all your crazy time hunger pangs and otherwise – do give us a shout out.

The Team or as we like to call it the Madbrains on the scene:

With all those yummy food shows and recipes floating around the web, tantalizing them; the District 7 team decided to go with one of their Eureka moments (of which I am forced to say they have many) and put their heart, body, soul and mouth to the Mobile Food Truck revolutionizing business. They like to think this is how great ideas are born. More often than not this is also how people crash and burn.
While most would have been worried at the lack of interest and competition in this field, and rightly so, they in their very finite wisdom decided to pioneer the entry of high-end mobile food trucks into Kochi. They like to boast about their non-wimpiness. Of course, now that they have their kickass trucks, they are on an expansion spree, clamouring to spread the love with more groovy kiosks and stalls all over.

So without further ado, let’s unveil the awesome twosome who bravely bore the birthing pains of District 7, shall we?